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I’m a Colombian woman living in China, married to a perfect geeky man. I speak english and spanish. I’m in the process of learning Chinese~

✖ About this blog ✖ Here you’ll find the following topics:

✔Geek stuff

✔Videogames (mostly Zelda, PIU, KOF, Nintendo, and shooters)

✔Books (mostly Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter & Stephen King)

✔Star Wars and sci fi series/movies

✔Super Junior(All Sj related post goes to: http://hatofamily.tumblr.com/)

✔Yaoi-Yuri-Slash-fanservice (many fandoms)


✔Morning Musune and H!P

✔Graphic Desing and Illustration

✔Curvy, chubby woman

✖ Personal blog in Spanish ✖ Where I post about my normal life in China:




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We are one.
One world.
One heart.

I wish one day the humankind will be able to tolerance and respect each others and live in peace.
I have been working in this concept for a main event in an University about cultural differences, policies and globalism.  
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