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I’m a Colombian woman living in China, married to a perfect geeky man. I speak english and spanish. I’m in the process of learning Chinese~

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what the fuck is this though seriously

a good fucking time thats what



what the fuck is this though seriously

a good fucking time thats what

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Pokemon X Nanoblock - Gangar (Gengar)

Excuse me I need this

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Moth in Lilac guitarist Lisa13 on the street in Harajuku with pink-purple twintails, a Motionless in White t-shirt, tulle skirt, ripped fishnets, and Demonia buckle boots. Check out our new short YouTube documentary on Lisa! Also see her Full Look.


Gengar zipper pouch for my best friend who’s going to be studying in Japan for a year. I’m going to miss him so much :(

Gengar and Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

Pouch is by me.

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'Trendy' Native American headdresses are banned from Canadian music festival in a bid to 'respect the dignity of Aboriginal people'

Feathered headdresses have become a popular - if controversial - fashion statement for young concert-goers, but one Canadian music festival has banned the trend.


Guelaguetza 2014

The Guelaguetza is an annual celebration of Oaxaca’s Indigenous communities held during the last two weeks of July.

‘Guelaguetza’ is a Zapoteco word meaning system of collaboration and exchange. Scholars say it has been practiced since the days before pre-European contact and was preserved as a means of surviving the trauma of colonization.

Although commercialized, La Guelaguetza gives Oaxaca’s Native Peoples an opportunity to showcase their culture and traditions.

Members or a teachers’ union and a student group attempted to block the entrance to La Guelaguetza on the celebration’s last day over a dispute with the government on Monday.

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Music Festival Is Banning Cultural Appropriation, aka Hipsters Wearing Native American Headdresses

We’ve all seen the pics. Concertgoers donning high-waisted denim shorts and bro tanks always seeming to piss people off and start some controversy. Recently it’s because they’re wearing Native American headdresses, war paint and feathers.